There are plenty of methods on how to make a website. You could make a website by means of utilizing HTML but you must be proficient enough in using the codes. There are also some tolls that could help you in making a website even if you are not familiar with HTML like the dreamweaver. These tools could help you with the CSS and HTML while you are making your own website. But, the characteristics of these tools are oftentimes limited and you may have to manually edit the CSS and HTML codes. This makes it more helpful if you fully understand CSS and HTML while utilizing the dreamweaver. There is no other way to make a website easier and faster aside from the online website creator tool. These tools do not need you to know all the coding languages.

What is the online website creator?

The online website creators could be defined as the tool which aids you to make a website without even manually coding it. The online website creators are mostly provided by the web hosting agencies because they want to give the value of their services to their clients who could make the website in just minutes by simply dragging the different features of the builders.
How to make a website using the online web creators?

Whenever you desire to have an online website creator, you should be able to follow some of the important steps in creating your website such as enrolling your domain's name, getting the web hosting services, and of course, designing your website properly.

Continue to read this article to know the steps in creating a website.

1. Registration of domain - the domain registration is the primary step in terms of making your website. This is just the same to as providing a name to your own website. Whenever you enroll a domain right into the valid domain's registrar, you would get the privilege to make a website using the URL address. The URL stands for the website's name that is extended with ".com", ".org", and many more. Visit this site for more info.

2. Web hosting - whenever you get a web hosting service from the web, it is similar to giving a house to your website. Now, your webpages could be secured and stored right into the server, from where they could be served to your guests and viewers.

3. Website designing - making a website is not only limited to the drag-and-drop aspects. After you have completed all the steps mentioned above, you should now decorate your website so that it would appear appealing to its viewers. View here for more.

Creating a Website